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Back to School!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

It’s that time of the year again! Whether your family is starting school for the first time or getting back into the groove after a fun filled summer, the beginning of the school year can be stressful.

One great way to eliminate last minute craze in the mornings is to have a staging area. In this case, a staging area is the go to spot for items needed on a daily basis. Backpack, lunch box, umbrella, shoes, take home folders…etc. Each night, the staging area can be set up with whatever is needed for the next day.

Morning and nighttime routines can be a gigantic lifesaver for any family. Sitting down with your children and family members involved with morning and nighttime routines is a great place to start. Planning what needs to be completed in the evenings in order to have a good nights rest and what needs to be completed in the mornings in order to be prepared and on time for school are good topics to discuss. Write down these ideas, compile a final list and create an overall schedule to place in an open area for everyone to see.

School can be stressful or scary for your children. Take time to really sit down with them and talk about their concerns. We can all be at fault for asking the ancient old question “How was school?” but do our little ones really tell us how it went? Take the time to really listen and show them you care by hearing their concerns and being open to their answers.

A really neat idea I came across recently is building a parent toolkit. These short videos show how to help cope with meltdowns, frustrations, and decision making and staying active. Check out the site posted and see how building a parent toolkit can help you!

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