Getting Ready for a Good Thyme in the Garden

In honor of the first day of summer, we are digging into the art of gardening! Gardens can be a great educational tool for any age! The benefits of being outside, growing your own food and flowers while spending quality time with your children, grandchildren or community are huge!

It’s no secret that kids love to be messy and make things messy. Gardening is a time that they can harness that messy wildness while also creating something beautiful to enjoy! With a sensory garden, the focus is placed on the 5 senses of touch, scent, sight, taste and sound.

As you plan your sensory garden, think B-I-G or small! The main aspect of this project is to ENJOY each other and grow together. 

Here are a few ideas for your sensory garden


Think soft grasses, digging into rich soil, smooth and rough rocks to make pathways, mulch and the different textures of seeds. (Also, all the fun little bugs and friends you'll find whilst digging!!)