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Car Talk

This months blog is focused on making life easier for you and giving creative tips for car trips. Whether its an afternoon trip to the park, an all day visit to the zoo or a quick run to the grocery store, life can get chaotic and busy when you add kids. Check out some of our car talk tips to find out more!


It’s really no secret that kids love anything related to music. A really great staple to have in cars is a playlist that gets them grooving in their seat while simultaneously teaching them new words, sounds and rhythms. 

Instrumental tunes allows children to focus better due to their brain being filled with so many thoughts, feelings and often times, emotions.  

Classic nursery rhymes and songs using hand motions and animal noises.

Audio books for kids that are older as well as children learning new words and how to read/speak can help with emphasizing punctuation, grammar and context clues.  


The quiet, one on one time in the car can be hugely beneficial to families as well. Use this time in a more mindful way with your children as an opportunity to talk with them by asking questions, telling them stories from your life or simply talk about current events in your family, community, or the world. Take this time to get to know your children and learn about the person they are maturing into. When traveling with younger children, this is a great time to explain to them where you are going, expectations while there and practicing patience.


Keeping kids occupied in the car can be feat, theres no denying it. Having an activity pack is a great way to allow their busy minds and hands to be free from point A to point B. Activity packs can be minimal, or extravagant, homemade or store bought.

Magnet story boards and puzzles, felt play books, picture books, pop-up books, press and sound books and story books are all very transportable.

Toys that can be kept in the car; toys that roll, stuffed animals, sensory toys such as squish balls, musical instruments, soft blankets or toys that light up and vibrate.

An activity packet can be a collection of materials purchased at dollar stores, Target or homemade.

Flashcards and no mess art pads are great activity packet materials. 


We all know the classic car games like I spy, 21 questions or finding the alphabet during billboards and license plates, but how about shaking it up a bit?

The story game called “Once upon a time” can be played as seriously or comically as you want. Someone starts off the story by setting up the scene or characters and each person playing continues the story with their own sentence or paragraph.

Taking opportunities to stretch or play during restroom breaks and gas stops help break up a longer road trip. A quick game of Simon Says, freeze tag or a dance party are easy games that only require a body.

Even with the most creative parents and kids out there, quiet time can be a coveted part of the car trip. If you allow your child an iPad or tablet, there are many, many games and programs that are fun, interactive and educational.


Last, but definitely not least, SNACKS are the real winner on any car ride. Always stay heavily stocked in the snack department!

We hope you and your little feet adventurers have a wild and fun summer!!

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