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Presence over Presents

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Between soccer, gymnastics, baseball, swim meets, work schedules, Boy Scouts, Study sessions and band practice (whew! tired yet?) finding quality, one on one time with your children can be difficult. Difficult, but in no way, impossible.

During my times as a nanny, I have witnessed multiple parenting styles, discipline tactics and the effect of parents spending quality time with their children. No distractions, no materialistic things such as new toys, games, or clothes, but old fashioned, one on one time getting to know the tiny human you are raising :) Most children love attention. It fuels negative behavior, positive behavior, good grades, arguments, and everything in between. So let's think outside of the box on ways to show your children positive attention.

Rushing to school?

Play a simple game called "highs and lows". The "high" is something great that's happened that day or the day before and a "low" is something that may be not be so fun. (i.e. My high today is traveling to New York to see friends. My low is getting to the airport at 6am)


Picking up fast food on the way to the game? Maybe you have time for a car picnic? Pack a blanket, and eat outside at the field. Ask your children what they've improved on most in this sport or what you've noticed them doing great in!

Nothing planned on a stormy summer night? Let your kids pick a movie and build a pallet on the floor together. Or keep the T.V. off and play charades!

Other Ideas

Read a book together.

Cloud watching.

Make a collage or story book together.

Find an easy recipe to follow in the kitchen.

Teach them about budgeting, making grocery lists and simple life skills they'll need.

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!

Share music with your children and have them share music with you.

*Your children may not always tell you how cool they think you are, or how much they enjoy making you laugh and smile, but trust me, they do. Just 10 minutes of your day to focus solely on them will not only brighten their day, but will build a bond you both will treasure.

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