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Pumpkins Never Sock

When one thinks of fall, pumpkins, fall drinks, sweater weather, and fuzzy socks often come to mind. Lakeland, Florida may not necessarily experience “sweater weather,” or have a need for fuzzy socks, but we can crank down the AC and try, right?

For little ones, carving pumpkins can often be a challenge just by the nature of the activity. However, there are fun alternatives to this tradition!

For this craft, you will need White crew socks Scissors Fabric markers Green yarn Sewing needle and thread Dry rice or beans Sticks (optional) Hot Glue (optional)

1. To begin, cut the crew socks into two equal tubes. You will be able to make two pumpkins out of one crew sock. 2. Over a covered surface, have your little one color the cut socks with fabric markers.

3. Once they have colored, sew the end of the sock as shown in the photo below, and then fill halfway with the dry rice or beans. We used pinto beans.

4. Sew the opposite end of the sock, and then thread the needle through the center and around the pumpkin to create ridges. Then go over the ridges with the yarn.

5. After you finish sewing, take your little one outside and ask him or her to choose sticks to be the stem of your pumpkin. Parents only: hot glue the stick into the center of your pumpkin and allow time to dry

Congratulations! You officially have a squishy sock pumpkin!

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