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Summer Snail Mail

School may be out for the Summer, but that doesn’t mean reading, writing and creativity are on vacation too!

With camps, summer programs, road trips and lazy swimming days, it doesn’t seem like there may be much time to fit in tutoring or ways to practice skills learned during the school year. That’s where this months blog will come in handy! Lets talk about an out of the (mail)box, classic way to practice reading, writing and a bit of math this summer.

Let's talk about SNAIL MAIL!!!

I think we can all be in agreement that people love getting personalized mail. As adults, we typically find more bills and advertisements in our mailbox than cards and notes. Why not use this summer to change that!?

This idea sounds simple, and that’s because it is! Get as creative as you would like. Pick up a pack of funky paper, some colored writing utensils, magazines, scissors, envelopes and stamps and voila! You are all set to send snail mail!

If your littles are too young to write, how fun would it be to use an ink pad and stamps, paint or stickers to decorate the card and paper!

Snail mail can be as short and sweet or long and detailed as your child chooses. It is a great way for them to practice their handwriting, be creative and work on their reading skills when they receive a letter back!


-Ask a family member or friend to be your child’s pen pal. Have fun learning about each other through letters and cards. {if you want to get a little silly with your snail mail, write letters to a pet!!}

-Take your children to the Post Office to buy stamps (...this is the bit of math part.) Your local post office is a great teaching tool! Learn the difference in a roll and book of stamps, how much an individual stamp costs and the process of mailing a letter!

-Create your own envelopes or decorate your letter with magazine pages (DIY collage), pictures you’ve taken or use art materials to create unique snail mail.

-While traveling this summer, make a fun game out of mailboxes. Notice how many different kinds there are and various ways people receive mail. (For instance, at the beach you may see a dolphin mailbox, in rural areas you may see lots of mailboxes all together and in other areas a letterbox or P.O Box in the Post Office.)

-Post Cards are a great idea too! Send them on vacation or look for different ones while you are at gas stations, thrift stores or restaurant/hotel lobbies!

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