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Thanksgiving Traditions

Turkeys, pumpkin pie, family and cozy sweaters with warm cider may be a few things that come to mind when we think of Thanksgiving. For me, the thought of traditions comes to mind. Families gathering together, recipes passed down from generations before and football on the front lawn.

This year, Little Feet Nanny Services would like to share with you a few of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions. 

For 25 years, Katie has been traveling to a small farming town in Southern Georgia to gather with family, close friends and some of the local community to celebrate Thanksgiving at the hunting camp. Being surrounded by loving and familiar faces, cooler weather and changing leaves keeps this tradition close to Katies heart. Morning and evening hunts with her father and brother, campfires with s’mores and stories once the stars come out and the tremendous spread of a traditional Thanksgiving meal shared outdoors by loved ones is what makes this tradition so special to Katie.

Christina shared one of her most memorable Thanksgivings to date. “My favorite part of Thanksgiving has always been my mom and I sneaking out after the meal. It sounds weird, but we often spend Thanksgiving with our entire latin family. If you know anything about hispanics, there’s a lot of us and we are very loud, 24/7. As two introverts, my mom and I like to sneak away after the meal by making silly excuses such as “we’re out of milk” (even though we are all lactose intolerant) or “we need more toilet paper.” We often end up at Target or the movie theater. However, one year, the Broadway show “Newsies” was in town, so we bought tickets and snuck away from our family to watch a Broadway show together. That evening with my mom, by far, is one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories."

Holiday recipes and crafts  to do on Thanksgiving Break

A favorite Holiday craft of Katies is taking a nature walk and finding different sized pine cones and collecting them in a bag. Once you have 4-5 cones there are various crafts to use them for!

Make a natural bird feeder: Tie a ribbon or yarn from the top (narrow part of cone with a loop to hang from a branch or place of your choosing. Use peanut butter to cover the pine cone, take a shallow bowl of birdseed and roll the pinecone in the seeds. Hang your bird feeder and enjoy the show!

Decorate as a hanging or table ornament: Using glue and glitter, paint watered down glue on your pine cone, then sprinkle or roll in glitter and let dry for 2 hrs. Be mindful that glitter may get wherever you decide to place your snazzy ornament!

Holiday baking is always a great way to get kids involved with traditions, responsibility and feeling included in the big events. Here is a tasty Cranberry Relish recipe shared by Christina:

2 green apples, 1 bag of cranberries, 2 large oranges and 1 cup of sugar.

Use a food processor/blender to to blend cranberries together first. Slowly blend in the peeled oranges and sliced apples. 

Once throughly blended (cranberries may stay in small chunks from being whole) pour mix into a bowl.

Slowly mix in the sugar until it is to your liking. Less sugar will keep it tart, while more sugar will make it sweeter.

Enjoy this as a dish on its own or be creative with paring it on a cracker with cheese, as a topping on yogurt or mixed in with leftover turkey in your salad.

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