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Family Management 

Empowering Parents +
Care-Givers through serving the family unit



Why choose a nanny agency to match you with a loving and experienced nanny? The short and sweet answer is because your time is valuable and treasured! Little Feet Nanny Services is dedicated to safety, quality and matching you with the best care possible!


-Saves hours of your time by allowing us to thoroughly screen, interview and background check potential candidates for you.

-A safer alternative to online sources.

-You are matched with a caretaker specific to your needs, wants, schedule and family.

-Only presented with the best pre-screened candidates.

-12+hr trial period offered 

-Resources to establish nanny/family agreement

-Guarantee replacement 


The beginning and early years of a child’s life are busy. Learning takes place at all times. Whether it is socially, cognitively, physically, or through self-expression; children definitely absorb their surroundings. It's our desire through Little Feet Nanny Services to make sure those surroundings are positive. There are a few pillars of child-care that Little Feet Nanny Services is built upon. They are the foundation of our childcare philosophy.


First and foremost, we believe children need the assurance of safety. Once children know that they are safe, they can begin to feel loved, cared for, and nurtured. We believe in maintaining a low ratio of caretakers to a child. We are confident that the best way to enhance learning is through quality one-on-one interactions. Being nature enthusiasts, as well as a strong believer in body movement, Little Feet Nanny Services will encourage free play outdoors as much as possible. We will utilize local parks and nature trails, as well as learn to care for the environment. As a former teacher and educator, learning means a great deal to me personally. Your child will be assisted in their learning through reading, vocabulary, critical thinking, independent study, and even tutoring.


Lastly, positive peer relationships and natural consequences are two goals of our developmental process. By teaching children to share, empathize, and be patient - positive peer relationships become healthy rewards. Natural consequences help connect the idea that our own choices matter and we are responsible for them. Providing children with care, assistance, teaching, and guidance is a passion of ours. We would love to share this passion with you and your family through Little Feet Nanny Services.




Katie McNutt

Founder and President

Little Feet Nanny Services, LLC


“These guys really go above and beyond what it means to be a nanny. Often going on day trips to parks and nature preserves, museums, Katie keeps things fun and educational for the kids! She is one of those people your kids will be calling "Aunt Katie" before too long.

Tyler F.




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