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“Katie McNutt is an amazing Nanny! She is always on time, dependable and has an amazing way with kids. Safety is always first with Katie!! She knows how to have fun while still teaching good behavior! My son loves her and really enjoys his time with her. He took to her right away and misses her when she is gone! I have a level of comfort with her and trust her with my most prized possession! I would highly recommend Katie for any nanny position!”


- L. Ciccarelli

“Haley Chappell provided childcare for our family during our two-month relocation from home.  During those two months, Haley went above and beyond in helping us care for our three boys.  Haley was punctual, trustworthy, had a great work ethic but most importantly did a great job communicating with us. She also entertained our three-year-old with a variety of fun and educational activities.  Haley provided healthy snacks for them to share during the day. She also found ways to work through conflict with him quickly and appropriately. For our twins, Haley followed our schedule, provided helpful suggestions on feedings and fun activities to keep them entertained. They started teething while in her care and she provided ideas to help relieve pain outside of medication. If at any point they needed medication, she always made sure to ask or send a quick text. When our two-month relocation was over, Haley traveled home with us and stayed a couple of days to help us get settled.  We would highly recommend Haley to anyone looking for childcare service.”

- The Zamat Family


“Erica has truly been a blessing for our family. From the very first day, she developed an immediate connection with our son. Erica is a wonderful, loving and caring individual that always goes above and beyond to provide the best care possible. Erica provides a fun, educational and engaging environment for our son to learn and grow. We are always singing the praises of Erica and Little Feet Nanny Services!”

- Jessie & Kevin Culpepper

“I would highly recommend Erica to anyone who is looking for a babysitter for their children. Erica babysat my three-year-old granddaughter for a week and even though it was the first time she has ever stayed with anyone outside the family, I had no reservations leaving Nova with Erica. She not only kept her safe but played with her and kept her engaged in many activities. My schedule fluctuated daily, and Erica was always ready to accommodate and was always punctual. With her personality, credentials, and experience, I think Erica would be a great fit for anyone looking for childcare for their children.”

- Lisa Cullins

“LFNS found us the most incredible nanny for our family. Katie listened to what our needs were and really found someone who fit in beautifully with our family. I feel so secure knowing that my infant is well-taken care and loved when I am not with him. I could not thank LFNS enough for everything they do for us!!”

- Stephanie Green


“These guys really go above and beyond what it means to be a nanny. Often going on day trips to parks and nature preserves, museums, Katie keeps things fun and educational for the kids! She is one of those people your kids will be calling "Aunt Katie" before too long.”

- Tyler Fox

“Fantastic! I love the way LFNS incorporates nature into the children’s lives.”

- Courtney White

“LFNS has been a lifesaver for our family! We have two children, 12 & 14, the youngest with special needs. Katie McNutt has not just provided childcare but, more accurately, growth nurturing in her time with the kids. We couldn't be happier, and our youngest couldn't be more indebted to LFNS for the development he's experienced with Katie.”

- Shawn Rahn


“Erica is an asset to our family! She arrives on time every week with a smile on her face. It gives me peace of mind to know that my daughter is well taken care of while I’m at work. As a working mom, I appreciate that she communicates with me throughout the day.”

- KM

“I am here to express my thankfulness and gratitude to Katie. I texted her with very little notice basically begging for someone to come take care of my child and my friend's child. Our nanny quit on us on a Friday and my friend and I work full time and we were losing it. I remember seeing Katie's page and I also had a friend recommend her services. She was receptive and did anything she could to get me the help. She did it, indeed! That's where I met sweet Annalee. She was warm, had a smile on her face, and connected with the kids immediately. She also kept me informed, which I loved! We were so pleased with her. What a great team you're building, Katie!! Thank you for taking such good care of our kids, Annalee. Hugs.” 

- Vivianna Nieto

“The only reason this review is 5 stars because there isn't an option for 6! Katie helped us out tremendously on our wedding day/night with our kids. I asked Katie to be me before and after the wedding and that is exactly what she did. From having them at the church on time to getting them home for bed. Josh and I are we able to enjoy our wedding and know our babies were well taken care of! Thanks again Katie, you're the best!” Josh and Amber Gallo

- Josh & Amber Gallo

“The first time we used the service we were on a time crunch as our private nanny canceled at the last minute. Katie came thru right away when we thought we were going to have to cancel our plans. We have used the service several times and the nannies are always sweet, reliable and we have had a great experience! We are very happy with the service. We use it on occasion, as our girls go to daycare daily, so we use it more for date nights when we don’t have family in town and we would highly recommend it!”

- Yesenia Ramos

“We hired two sitters for my 50th birthday party which was at an outside venue. The sitters were very attentive to the children and respectful to the adults. Actually, they fit right in!”


- Jackie Schneider

“I love that I have consistency for my little guy with someone who genuinely loves and cares for him. I love that Little Feet invoices electronically and I don't have to worry about checks or cash. Little Feet is Professional, Loving and Nurturing and I wish my little guy would stay little so our nanny could be around all the time!”

- Stephanie Green

“Erica is patient and reliable.  She cares about our children.  She is flexible and takes them to many after school activities.  She is a safe driver and does school pick up 4 days a week.  Erica also takes the children to meet up with their friends.  She is creative and does a lot of fun scavenger hunts and other activities at home.  She helps them study spelling words, letters, and math at home.  Erica also helps them practice their team sports like pitching baseballs or playing soccer and basketball at home. Erica’s great influence has made a lasting impression on our children in the year she has been with them.  My daughter often tells me when we are out “If Erica was here she would pick up all of the litter on this street.”  The children have shared many times when they have helped an animal get to safety, whether it be a turtle on the road or a gecko in our home. She has good instincts for when the kids need a change of scenery or change of activity, be it needing downtime at home or needing to get out and experience nature. She is also a big help in our home.  She picks up groceries, folds laundry, and keeps the main parts of the house tidy during the week. Erica brings things that she observes and may need our intervention to our attention right away.”

- Jasmine and Scott Meachem

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